04 4 / 2012

There are times when I am very jealous of other people’s photos. This is definitely one of those times. I love Martin Stavars’ black and white images. Well done. Lets see if I can afford a print now…

01 4 / 2012

Incredible images from Zhang Kechun of China’s Yellow River.

01 4 / 2012

"Courts" by Ward Roberts. He has some other great projects as well.

14 2 / 2012

Just came across Simon Harsent’s site. Incredible landscape, great portraits and clever projects.

14 2 / 2012

20 1 / 2012

The Sound and the Fury on Nowness.com.

Well done Sharif Hamza, well done. Great sound, great lighting.

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19 1 / 2012

Unique colourization from Mert & Marcus for Versace. Helps that Giselle is the model.

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19 12 / 2011

Here are some great pictures from Andrey & Lili. They are from Russia. Beyond that, I have no idea who they are. Incredible portraits, though.

03 12 / 2011

I have seen a lot of Hedi Slimane photographs over the years. I wasn’t much of a fan as I feel his photographs don’t have much to them. They are often great, black and white studio shots but they seem to have no soul. But, he is quite popular with the magazines (no doubt due to his whole other life as Creative Director at Dior Homme). So I checked out his site and tried to grab a nice cross section of his work. I definitely like his location shots a lot better than his studio shots. What do you think?

27 10 / 2011

Some great architectural and interior shots by Christopher Morlinghaus. How do you find these places??

26 10 / 2011

I love these “photos of photos” by Laura Plageman. Her series “Response” are images of altered, enlarged prints of her own photography. Some work better than others, but very original and kind of tricky on the eyes.

03 10 / 2011

I have always enjoyed objective images that have have some sort of metaphorical overtone to them. Check out J. Bennett Fitts’ "No Life Guard On Duty" series and see what I mean. Love this stuff. Also really like "Industrial Landscap[ing]."

03 10 / 2011

Cindy Sherman for MACHow strange. Beyond the obvious question of WHY is Cindy Sherman doing this, is WHY would MAC do this? Do enough people even know who Cindy Sherman is? Does it matter? This whole this is just weird to me. Have a read…

25 9 / 2011

Infra, a project by photographer Richard Mosse, uses colour infrared Kodak Aerochrome film (discontinued in 2009). Photographing the lush landscape of the Eastern Congo, the film turns all that is green to a pink/purple, giving the images of war a fashionable and surreal look.

23 9 / 2011

Shamefully, I have just discovered Vancouver photographer Stan Douglas. How did I not know of him before? Actually I thought this print was a Jeff Wall image (no offense to either photographer). I really do like Douglas’ images, though. Especially since so many are so close to home. Now he just needs a website so I don’t have to visit annoying gallery sites.